Orange and Lemons, Hot Iron, An Angel Has Flown

“Carish” or not, Orange and Lemons’ Album entitled Strike Whilst the Iron is Hot is a solid compilation of original compositions from a band whose influences include The Beatles, Fra Lippo Lippi, The Smiths and of course, The Care.

Orange ang Lemons Album CoverThis musical influence is very evident in all of the tracks included in the album. The moment you hear the first beat of the drum in Strike Whilst the Iron is Hot (1st album track), you could immediately hear the sound of The Smiths, The Cure and even B52s into one song. This is followed by the local radio favorite “Hanggang Kailan?” and I could only think of one song to compare this track with, Eraserheads’ “Kailan”.

The “Carish” sound starts with tracks: Yer So Special, The Nerve and Caught in Line. For awhile, I thought I was listening to The Care or The Smiths. Even the vocalists sounded like The Care’s Paul Simpson and Smith’s Morrissey.

Even if you are not an 80’s/new wave person, you would still like this album. It’s a breather from the slew of either noisy rock bands or the sentimentalist bands proliferating the air waves nowadays. And if you are an 80’s/new wave person like me, then what are you waiting for? go grab yourself a copy.

Incidentally, the album has been repackaged to include Pinoy Big Brother’s Pinoy Ako and a new single called Abot Kamay, which has been getting a considerable air from local radio stations lately.

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