The Librarian : Quest for the Spear

It is very seldom that you find a movie with the main character as a librarian, moreso a movie with the “Librarian” as the title. That’s why it immediately caught my attention when I saw this dvd in one of the local video store. Of course, I didn’t have second thoughts on buying the dvd to see what it is all about. The Librarian stars, Noah Wyle of the ER fame, as Flynn Carsen, a student who doesn’t want to stop studying. When he was forced to leave school and was hired by a mysterious guy named Judson to become “the Librarian” of an extraordinary library where you will find rare historical artifacts such as the Excalibur, Pandora’s Box and of course, the Spear of Destiny, his mediocre life started to change. His adventure starts when the Spear was stolen by a group called Serpent Brotherhood who is in search for the 3 Spears of Destiny. Flynn would later find out from Judson, the if the 3 Spears of Destiny would be combined together it will give enormous power to the one who will find it. And so, the adventure (ala Indiana Jones) of “the Librarian” starts. His adventure takes him as far the Himalayas. And at the end of day of course, he managed to triump against evil and lives on to take on another quest.

Generally, the movie is all good and simply fun. It was simply created, and has not too many fancy theatrics. It has all the formula for a good adventure movie, basic plot and twists, basic good and bad guys, basic light moments, some forgetable lines and a perfect main character in Noah Wyle.

It is an entertaining movie after all. And having a Librarian as the main character makes it an enjoyable movie for a librarian like me. I would certainly wait for the the second adventure to come out soon.

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