Much Ado About Nothing

Watching the last Vice Presidentiable debate yesterday sealed my choice as to whom should be the rightful person to be the second leader of the Philippines. The queen of last statement of a closing remarks.

During the last VP Debate, she won my heart when she said…

“In this battle, may the best woman wins.”

And then in last night’s VP debate, she made this statement…

“The last woman standing…”

One liners are powerfully convincing, right?

The Philippines need a FATHER who will give justice to his oppressed children. Likewise, the Philippines needs a MOTHER who will never sleep to see to it that her children are ok. That is why the Philippines needs, Rodrigo Duterte and Leni Robredo.

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Trying to revive this small space to make something useful out of it. Also my way of relieving my otherwise boring life from Monday to Friday, between 8-5 pm. Seriously, if I can find a way to get out of this misery, I would have done it a long time ago. Unfortunately, my hands (or my whole body) are tied until the next couple of years.

Enough of these blabbering. So, what’s happening in the Pinoy blogging scene. I guess same old, same old stuff? Bloggers attending media events and enjoying food and freebies. Go home or go to a coffee shop, connect to free WiFi and report about the event. Some things never change, eh?

Oh well.

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With WeChat’s WeReward, all one has to do is make a video/voice call on WeChat and get greatdeals such as Lazada’s Php100 voucher (with no minimum purchase) and Free entrance plus freedrink on your favorite clubbing destinations, Raven and URBN. All these for FREE just by usingWeReward.

Mobile social communications app WeChat is taking the term “reward” to a whole new level with its WeReward program by partnering with some of the Philippine’s biggest brands, like the Philippines’ One-Stop Shopping Destination,; the easiest and most fun online ordering and delivery app, Foodpanda; superclubs Urbn & Raven, and the ultimate in wearables and running apps, Runtastic, to enable its loyal users to take full advantage of their promos without having to pay a centavo!

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You can now use your Smart prepaid or postpaid loads to transact in the iTunes or App Store

smart mobile

Smart Communications just announced a new service that can be considered as first in the Philippines. This new service is called Pay with Mobile, a pay-with-load service that you can use on iTunes or App Store. With Pay With Mobile service, you can now purchase apps, games, music or movies using your Smart prepaid loads or postpaid loads. If you’ve been using your credit card to pay for those mobile products, well you may stop doing so starting February 16, 2015. That’s when Smart’s Pay-With-Mobile will be enabled.

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Marvel Contest of Champions iOS Game simply rocks!

marvel contest of champions

So I just published a blog post saying that I’ll be veering this blog away from tech-related stuff and yet here I am posting something tech-related, somehow. I’m referring to this new iOS game called Marvel Contest of Champions which was released on the App Store last December. I’ve been playing this game during the holiday break and boy I can tell you that it’s one good fighting game with a slew of Marvel characters and very nice graphics. And take note, the developer is not Gameloft but a company named Kabam.

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Transforming a Tech Blog into an All-Around Blog

Due to changes in my priority and interests in 2014, I haven’t been so aware of what’s going on in the local tech scene. So, I’m planning to continue this blog but will be covering other topics as well. These topics will range from lifestyle, health and fitness (the in thing today!), fashion, food, travel and more. In short, I’m turning this blog into an all-around personal blog.

In case you have the time and you chanced upon this post, I will appreciate it if you can visit my other blog. I talk about running news and what-have-yous there. If you have the time, like the blog’s FB page as well.

Thanks for reading.

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